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No one could have described the multi-awarded Spanish saxophonist Berta Moreno better than Downbeat magazine when they wrote “Berta invests emotional content into whatever she’s doing, something you can sense whether you’re in the audience or on the bandstand alongside her [...]” 
After moving to New York, Berta released her debut album "Little Steps" (2017). Together with Maksim Perepelica, they co-produced this album which won a Global Music Awards - Gold Medal for Best Jazz Album 2018, and it was nominated
for Best Jazz Album by The 16th Independent Music Awards (US), and The MIN Music Awards (Spain).
Maksim is a New York City-based internationally renowned Latvian jazz acoustic and electric bassist, arranger, producer, and educator, and is one of the brightest musical talents in his country as well as far away from its borders. 
BangArt presents Berta Moreno performing a selection of her original music from “Little Steps” (2017). So without further ado, from the heart of NY - straight to yours, Berta Moreno featuring Maksim Perepelica.

Berta Moreno
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