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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter


BangArt is here to make your dreams come true! And most importantly, it's FREE for you!

Rather than a streaming service BangArt does not compensate the artists with minuscule percentages or hinders the enjoyment of the audience with intruding advertisement. 

How do we do that:

BangArt acts as a virtual concert hall. That means that the artist can record their video from their own setup (studio, living room, etc.), in accordance with our length and quality criteria and send it to our platform, where audiences worldwide can rent the video. Each video will stay on our platform’s database. As a result, each artist will keep receiving payments every three months according to the tickets sold during that period. And if that sounds too good to be true, it gets better, just wait until you see how much you make per ticket. 

Perform and share the experience directly to the audience’s living room and from there to their heart.

Are you with us?

Are you an artist?: History
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